Thursday, July 5, 2012

Spiderman Month Coming Next Week?

After weeks of waiting for Black Widow and the new Spider-themed month, I eagerly logged in to the game to see... the exact same thing. BUT, new evidence suggests that not all is in vain! In fact, Spider month is most likely less then a week away!

First, there's this. It's kind of obvious what this suggests, my guess is that they'll release one of these every day for the next seven days leading up to the release, meaning the release date is Thursday, next week.

Here is my basic analysis of why BW wasn't released before.


Fig.1: In this arrangement of the month, Black Widow's late release means they can carefully fit everything else in the following weeks, releasing the Amazing Spiderman hero the week after, and then either a Lizard or Mysterio mission the next week, (To me, the Lizard seems more likely, seeing as he is the main villain in the new movie), and then finally the remaining mission the week after. These releases can be moved around as one pleases, but I think this looks like the most likely order of release.



Fig.2: In THIS arrangement, a second character is added to the mix, Iron Spider, which was revealed to be a proposed character a while ago. Now would be a good time for release, given that A, the Spidey movie's out! B, the current Spiderman series, Ultimate Spiderman, debuted the character in an episode, admittedly, not a recent one, but recent enough for it to have a recognizable factor with the target audience, (i.e. kids, who will, hopefully, watch the show and play this game) and finally C, we already know the character was revealed a while back, maybe this means they are a playable character already and there is no need to animate and code a new character that was just waiting for the right month to get dusted off and put into the public version of the game. 
Now, there is also a possibility of a month bleed, (my new term for when they extend a month into the next one to buy themselves time and increase suspense), in which case a sale will be thrown in or, more likely, that the Lizard and Mysterio missions will be released separately, probably with Iron Spider's release thrown in between them.

Once again, these releases can be mixed, as seen in Fig.3!


Something entirely surprising happens, like Gwen Stacy as a playable character, or the Noir version of Spiderman, or Armored Spiderman, or a mission based on the movie, with a more movie based Lizard or... There are just too many to list!

Here's what I think what will happen in the very least:
1. Both the Mysterio and Lizard mission's release.
2. A new Amazing Spiderman hero based on the movie's title character.

More unlikely, but possible:
1. Another Spidey-based character, maybe Spider-girl's new costume, or more likely Iron Spider or Armored Spiderman.
2. A movie based mission.
3. A hero that's Spiderman before he made his costume, like it the movie.

Whatever happens, it's nothing but a win for us, the players! :D

-- SHSOFan.