Friday, September 28, 2012

A New Release and An Old Release

As many of you now know, my "Tiny Prediction" was a "tiny" bit wrong. They released Astonishing Cyclopes early, which is to say late, because he was supposed to be out on Wednesday. They also put the Loki zones back. My best guess is that that's what they're using as the Halloween theme. I for one hope that isn't the case. I loved the previous Halloween themed zones and I wish they'd just bring those back with the Mysterio mission and a few Halloween themed heroes, like Man-Thing or Moon Knight.
Instead they're not only recycling the zones, but the loading screen! You'd think the least they'd do would be to make a new one, and it's about time, seeing as we've got nothing but old heroes on the loading screens these past months. It's sad. At least the new hero didn't disappoint! I'm happy to report that Astonishing Cyclopes doesn't just have a new paint job, but new attacks and animations, and anew voice work! I've split his review off from this post because it's really a separate feature, and I want the hero reviews to be easy to find. So... because they released AC today instead of on the first day of October means... ANOTHER PREDICTION!

First of all, let me remind you guys about the only completely confirmed heroes that are coming soon, Hope Summers and the Mark II Armor. Today's loading screen wallpaper, (Avengers attacking Loki), suggests that this month was the X-Men month of AvX. Think about it. First Avenging Wolverine, Astonishing Cyclopes (who was released late, probably due to technical problems), and then if they release Hope Summers sometime soon, like first day of October or the first Wednesday of October, or something like that, then it suggests to me that October will be the Avengers part of two AvX months. It would also mean that the Mark II will be the release after Hope Summers, and that there may be other Avengers coming our way.

OR... I'm completely wrong and this month is just Halloween month and they forgot to release Hope and the Mark II, or couldn't because they couldn't meet the deadline.

Anyway, here's hoping they have a proper Spiderman month soon, with a cool new Amazing Spiderman and Iron Spider and the Mysterio mission.

-- SHSOFan.