Saturday, September 1, 2012

The New Poll!

You may have noticed there's a new poll in the sidebar! :D
I've been thinking a lot about how to make this blog more geared to what you guys would like, so I made this poll to see what would be most interesting for you! I've enabled multiple answers, so you don't need to choose just one. Just choose the ones you'd most like to see. Using the highest voted answers, I'll try to base my writing style and post content on what you guys would like to see.
Here's a list that explains these answers more to help in your decision!

To bring back Mission Reviews!
This means I would bring back the mission reviews that I used to do, and review every mission in the game. Example!
More detailed Hero Reviews!
I would start reviewing new releases in more detailed ways, with more categories and less blabbing.
Greater emphasis on stats!
My posts would have more statistics, such as how much damage certain attacks dish out.
More codes and release previews!
The header of this blog reads "news and sneak peeks", but I haven't given out any sneak peeks in a while. If this option is highly voted on, I will not only show more pictures of heroes, I will post codes and others things that I have skirted around doing for the most part. Example!
Reader-chosen What-Ifs!
Instead of me choosing what I'd to make a What-If about, you, the reader of this blog, would have more say. I would give you a huge poll filled with options, like this one, and you would vote on the one you would like most. Example!
More theories about release dates and speculation!
I would make more posts with little calendars with my predictions for the month's releases and speculate even more about what the next month will bring. I've done this before on the blog, but not in moderation. Example!
More pictures!
My posts would contain a greater number of pictures.
Longer posts!
I would write longer posts and basically talk my head off as much as possible. While this means you would have more to read you would also have less to read, in a sense. However, just think about how comfortable it is to read a long post after breakfast. Example!
A new and improved layout for the blog!
I've been meaning to work a bit on this blog's layout for a time, but this would shift it to priority number one! I would widen the blog a bit, so that the pictures could be bigger, and I would make a new header and background, and add a few gadgets and perhaps a welcome video as well.
More "special" posts, like a Top Ten, or something like it!
These posts, like the ever popular What-Ifs, my old Mission Reviews, and my upcoming Ultimate Challenge Guide, would be more frequent. I would start making lists, like Top Ten Fighting Heroes, or Top Ten Missions, or Best Zone.
More "ranting" posts!
I would make more posts where I rant about something that annoys me in the game. I've done this in the past, but I would make an effort to do it more. Here's an example, and here's another example!

Okay, I think that covers it! Make sure to vote if you are reading this, and also don't forget to read the post below this, because I'm worried that this one will cover it up, which happens occasionally when I write two posts in one day. 

Bye for today!
-- SHSOFan.