Thursday, September 20, 2012

TOP TEN - SHSO Missions

In Super Hero Squad Online, missions come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Below are my personal TOP THREE TOUGHEST MISSIONS, TOP THREE EASIEST MISSIONS, TOP THREE MOST FUN MISSIONS, and my NUMBER ONE PERSONAL FAVORITE MISSION! Add it up and that's ten missions! (see what I did there?)

Ever heard anybody complain about a Magneto mission? "Awww man he got me with his magnetic trash!" Or a Doc Ock mission? "Man, I was instant K.Oed whoa!"
Well, you haven't seen anything yet. These missions are TOUGH. The bosses are unrelenting. You almost never get Adamantium on these. These are the missions that you have to play a gazillion, (ha? ha?) times before you learn the patterns and get it right.


Any mission with Super Skrull in it. The skrulls are at most annoying during the first one or two stages. It's true, they are pesky. But wait until the boss battle! Super Skrull took me ages to figure out. Whenever I would start a good way down the combo chain, he would disappear! Then, as I was looking for him, he'd pop up from behind and get you with his forcefield. Then, when you were stunned, he'd rock smash the ground and K.O. you. Ugh.


Dormammu LOOKS tough. Flaming heads = tough in my book. Well, it's true. I have NEVER, NOT ONCE gotten Adamantium on this mission. It's true I've only played it five or so times. But can you blame me for not wanting to get beaten again and again and again? I've played this alone and with people and there seems to be no difference. This mission is WAAAY tougher then a Magneto mission, at least for me.


Why is this mission so hard?! It's so weird. After all, he's Doctor Doom's crony! But with Mini-Modoks that get in your way, an annoying spin that keeps you from getting anywhere close, and a malicious head laser attack, this mission is really impossible.
What are your top three toughest missions? Tell me in the comments!

These missions are the easiest. They're the ones where you basically lay back and let your hero do the work. These missions go by fast, and you can usually do them several times. They're bosses are gone in a heartbeat. They're minions are finished within seconds. Here is my list of Top Three Easiest missions.


Yes, yes, Doc Ock has an Instant K.O. move. But if you avoid it, this mission goes by like a snap. With the additions of buttons that make it possible to stun multiple enemies with giant claws, (it used to K.O. them in the beta version but they fixed that), you can be surrounded by enemies, and then just walk over a button and suddenly you'll only be fighting one. These buttons also make the ending battle really easy. All you have to do is maneuver the Doc into position and walk over the button. It's all over so fast that the Doc's helper 'bot is barely noticeable.


I have churned through this mission more then 40 times, and the reason why is that it's so EASY! It's over before it begins. One minute you're on the rooftops of a city, the next, the boss is lying on the ground. This mission makes the mistake of putting a lot of enemies in one place, so if you have a hero with a wide ranged, big damage Hero Up, the enemies are gone before they start fighting you.


This mission takes the prize because it is so short. With only two rounds and only two Sentinels to break the tedium, this mission is really easy to churn through. In the old days, when we were rewarded 18 tickets for a solo Adamantium mission, I used to go through it three times in twenty minutes and get over 54 tickets in one day! Pretty neat, huh? Of course now, it's almost not worth it, with a pitiful 6 ticket turnout. Sigh.
What are your top three easiest missions? Tell me in the comments!

These missions make you feel great when they're completed. You feel like the coolest person in the world as you slash your way through waves of enemies in a second as Wolverine, or casually walk around a corner, toss a grenade, and walk out as they explode as Punisher.


This game lets you beat up Iron Man... as Iron Man, (if you're playing as him that is)!
How cool is that?! The mission also throws several small annoying enemies your way that feel really good to smash through as Daredevil, or some other fast character.
And like I said before, if it makes playing as Hawkeye fun, it's gotta be good, right?!


This was one of the first missions I played in the game and it is still just as fun to this day. I really felt cool when I waltzed on through as Hulk, and the two new blue robotic octopus henchmen add a level of toughness to the mission without making it unbearable.


The bombs play a big part in making this mission the most fun. The way you can run away from ninjas while simultaneously triggering a bomb countdown and having it explode is really cool. Also, dodging Green Goblin during the boss fight is really fun, not to mention making one of his own bombs go off in his face.
What's your personal list of top three most fun missions? Tell me in the comments!

First of all, this mission is new, which means I haven't played it too often, and that's a good thing. Another is Ultron's awesome robotic voice. Maybe it's smashing rust bombs on enemies, or blasting less powerful wind-up Ultrons as Cable, but this mission remains a fun, fresh take on a previously seen villain.
What's your favorite mission? Tell me in the comments!


Well, that wraps up my first Top Ten post! Tell me what you thought in the comments!
In the future, there will be more mission reviews and hero reviews!

-- SHSOFan.