Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Releases & Improvements!

So today I logged on and discovered a nice new loading screen! It's pretty cool, but I'm dying for a "themed" month again. Anyway, they have several new releases and improvements today, so I'll start with improvements.


Today Hawkeye, (not Avengers Hawkeye, just Hawkeye), got a few improvements, apparently. I say apparently because the only new thing I've noticed is that now he can double jump. I played the new mission with him, (see below), but I didn't notice anything new in his combo either.


I'll start with the big one: a new hero! Yup, it's a repaint of Wolverine. But I was interested enough to buy him, unlike the two other Wolverines in the store, which I have been passing over when I'm writing my want list. I played the daily mission with him and Jean Grey, and I had a lot more fun then I was expecting to have. 

Fighting as Avenging Wolverine sure makes you feel cool! :D
He has a new Hero Up, which is an "X-smash" that leaves a jagged Avengers logo in the ground. It's pretty cool, but when I was exploring as him in the zones for some reason there was no "kick" to the animation. I hope they fix that. I also encountered a glitch where I was stuck being invisible in the Daily Bugle zone and I could only get out of it when I played a mission. SPEAKING OF MISSIONS, there's a new mission with Magneto where you fight various versions of Iron Man's armor!

Classic Cyclopes, at least I think so!

Taking on the toasters. Hawkeye's sniper status makes this difficult.

I KOed the MK1!

Stealth Armor Iron Man sure wasn't being too stealthy with those fireballs!

So, are these new items worth getting? Definitely! If you're a fan of Wolverine, the Avengers, or if you just want to buy a Wolverine, then I would recommend Avenging Wolverine. Why him over the other guy? I've played on the Street Clothes version of the normal Wolverine, so even though I don't own the original I've experienced his combo, power attacks, and emotes. I had a lot more fun playing as this Wolverine. Plus, this guy doesn't drink half as much soda. As for the new mission, it's pretty fun and also rather easy for a Magneto mission, (I got Adamatium on my first run). Besides, if it makes fighting as Hawkeye fun, it's gotta be good, right? ;)

As a final note, I leveled up Hawkeye while testing out his new double jump!

-- SHSOFan.