Thursday, September 6, 2012

Neat Leveling Tip!

Blade is enjoying his pizza
So right now I've been trying to level up Black Widow. I have a ton of heroes to max, and it's taking way more time then it should. That's why I'm employing a trick I used when I got a whole bunch of heroes that I wanted to max, (from the challenges), at virtually the same time. Whenever there's a few heroes that I wouldn't mind skipping, I level up both the hero that I'm currently trying to max, and the one I don't want to max simultaneously. How do you do this? It's easier then it seems. Every day they reset the five hero tokens that you can find all over the city. I've counted, and the amount you get from all of them is roughly 500 xp, plus the 50 xps you can get from assorted robbers, Lokies, and dogs.
I've learned how to move anywhere in the Daily Bugle zone with a double jump character, and those are the most fun to collect Hero tokens with. Every day I log on and get as many hero tokens as I can on each character I want to max. They level up faster then you'd expect this way, because it normally takes only two days per level, seeing as most of the xp requirements are around 1000. So yeah, that's my neat leveling tip! I'm not the kind of guy who likes to level up heroes in one day, so I normally have to resort to this method. Its also a good way to keep from having to battle with a bad fighting character, like Black Panther or Samurai Wolverine. So I hope this tip helped you, and if it didn't, no need to worry, I may have a few more tips in the future! :D

Also, I've been busy, so sorry for not working much on the latest What-If. I may be able to do that later in the day.

-- SHSOFan.