Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Combat Etiquette

Often I see people who are constantly dying in Daily Missions. They just can't seem to figure out when to start the combo, or snatch a goodie.

Below are a list of problems, with my comments in bold.

They keep on grabbing goodies when their health meter is full.

We're probably all guilty of accidentally stepping near goodies with a full meter. But people who do this constantly are probably not paying enough attention to their entire HUD. The only way I can think of to combat this problem is going on Daily Missions only when the boss summons minions. Why? Because in boss battles the only health you usually get comes dropping down in crates from the heavens. This way, if you find yourself halfway down, you can leave your selfish teammate and K.O. some henchmen, giving you a 3/4 chance you'll find something to replenish your health. With the first two, (or one), stages, you'll usually be able to find a health boost by backtracking, unless your teammate likes opening all the barrels, too!

They finish off a guy that you started to attack.

Ugh! This one I find particularly annoying, especially because it's unavoidable. My advice is, don't choose a hero with a bad Hero Up. The reason is that you'll be able to finish off guys quickly with a big Hero Up like Hulk's or MK1 Ironman's, leaving your annoying teammate no time to jump in and take out that Skrull just as you were about to.

They lag behind, waiting for you to finish off everyone for them.

Usually, I try to ignore this problem, because frankly, the guy usually quits out anyway, (most likely due to the fact that he may not be purposefully lagging, but his computer may be lagging). I'd pick a good, max health hero, and let him lag behind. He won't get points, and you will!

They jump in with a next to nothing health meter and get K.Oed.

Don't let them! Go ahead and finish off a crowd of enemies with your hero's giant Hero Up, then avoid all the goodies. The teammate will be forced to walk through them, giving him a bit of a health boost. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, then try opening barrels with a health boost and leaving them. Hopefully the teammate will see them, (man, how helpful Chat in missions would be!)

They get lost, and spend precious minutes wandering around. This is especially annoying if they are playing on a powerful hero like Thing.

Backtrack and guide them through. Also, make it a general rule of yours to not play a Daily Mission that you haven't already played, either solo or with friends. This decreases the chance that you will get lost.

The point is, Daily Missions aren't a very good way to go. The unpredictability of the people who are most likely on their first mission when they go with you is just too unsettling. But you can basically avoid it by choosing a good, strong hero, (Thing, Hulk, MK1 Ironman), and making sure to choose a good mission when it comes around, I recommend Annihilus. So, try out these tips and I hope you have a good mission! If not, you can tell me just how stupid I am in the comments.

In fact, don't bother playing a Daily Mission unless you want only about six or eight tickets, because somebody usually dies. A better thing to do is probably soloing or going with friends, the latter being the most fun. I usually solo because none of my friends are usually on, but I sometimes friend people just so that I can go on a mission with them.

Anyway, tomorrow, as you know, is Avenger hero release day! Unfortunately, I won't be able to get whoever it is because I only have 310 gold right now. BUT, on Thursday I'll be giving you guys a review with tons of pictures, like I did for Avengers Captain America, so make sure to tune in then!

-- SHSOFan.