Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Mission Review - Doctor Octopus

Once again it is Sunday! It is also the first day of April! :D

Today I'll be reviewing... Claw and Disorder!

Things to Watch Out For: At the end of the first two stages, a blue Ockbot appears. This Ockbot is incredibly dangerous, shooting you with green lasers which cost you 15 dmg each. Run away from the lasers and throw an object at the Ockbot to shut it down, then run in and start your Combo Attack.

Boss Tips:

As long as you stay away from him, Otto's attacks aren't very effective. Once you learn the patterns, you know what to do for each attack, (except for his instant K.O. attack which is extremely unfair and hard to dodge). When he reaches out with one of his tentacles to grab you, dodge it and go around to his back. He will turn and start to beat down with his tentacles. Once again sidestep and start your attack combo. After a few rounds of this, he'll down into his "weak" state. Here is where I would recommend using your Hero Up. After that, just rinse and repeat.

Difficulty Rating: 6/10

Summery: Thanks to the blue Ockbots and Otto's instant K.O. attack, this mission gets bumped up to a six. However, it is one of the easier missions, and at an unbeatable price of one hundred silver, it is a worthwhile buy.

Next Week: Annihilus!