Thursday, April 12, 2012

Awesome New Avengers Content in the Game!

So went to the Hero Up website as usual this morning and saw this. Yay Ant-Man! :D

And what is THIS?! Ooooohh!

Come on! Load load load load!!



Okay, so once I got into the game I went to Asgard and found that Loki had replaced all the statues of other asgardians with himself! Darn that rascally fool!

One nice touch was the weight lifting cardboard stand up and the theater.

I especially like the changed ending! :D

You can also free citizens, though they just freeze right back.

But now, the new, the amazing, the awesome, the cool...

NEW LOKI MISSION! I love the way you get to this mission. It's just so cool! I wonder whether after this month is over they'll release a standalone mission for Loki.

I love the lighting on this mission! Very dark and very cool.

Out of all the puzzles on this mission, the bridge puzzle was both my favorite and the trickiest.

Loki's Maze. Yup, it's really big.

The end of the maze! It took me around 30 minutes to reach it.


Loki isn't the toughest boss ever but he still is tough. His attacks are fairly easy to dodge and for the most part I stayed full health. The purpose of this mission is to give you the Cosmic Cube item you get at the end, and it doesn't award you with a medal of any kind.

I love the Loki statue in the background. It just shows how vain Loki really is.

And Loki's down for the count!

I just had to check one more thing: the hidden room.

The POWER of gold plus cosmic energy!!

Finally, I got Rogue. I should have gotten her before now, but I must admit the sale price was more welcome. And boy is she worth getting!!

She has good, solid attacks, and the Ten Thousand Apples a Day mission I played went by in a snap. She's so good, I wonder why they marked her down so low.

I got her to level two in no time, and I'm going to have a ton of fun maxxing her as a free member.

Well, that's all the SHSO news i can handle for the day. If you haven't gotten in the game yet, DO SO NOW, it's awesome!!

-- SHSOFan.