Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Mission Review - Annihilus

Once again it is Sunday, and once again I'll be reviewing a mission!

Today I'll be reviewing... Repellent Bugs!

Things to Watch Out For: A couple of times, a white and red insect appears in the first and second stages. The insect is harder to defeat then the others, but if you stun him early on and start your combo there shouldn't be a problem. Originally, they had those big blue and brown robots in this mission, but they replaced them with these red and white insects. I'm actually really glad... now if they just replace those creepy purple guys in the Mole Man mission with people that actually belong there!

Boss Tips:

Annihilus has to be one of the easiest bosses in the game. In one of his attacks, he actually doesn't follow you with his laser, (or whatever it is), fire, he just floats there firing at one spot! He also has an "attack" quote unquote where he crouches down in a circle of light, only to spring back up. Unfortunately for Annihilus, he's crouches down for a considerable amount of time, allowing you to attack him. And even though he says "You can't hurt me!" while doing the attack, you CAN hurt him. My advice: Keep your distance, and go in for the kill during his sunburst attack. If you're playing on a team, identify who is attacking the boss, and go for the minions, and if nobody is attacking the boss, go for the boss.

Difficulty Rating: 3/10

Summery: Annihilus may be easy, but he has a few attacks, like a whap from his baton that deals 50+ dmg, that bump this mission up to a three.

Next Week: Home Invaders!