Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Avengers Captain America Release!

The First Avenger is here! :D

Now, Avengers Captain America is not exactly the hero I've been dying to get my hands on, (the new Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye and Black Widow rank higher on my list of favorites), but he IS one cool hero.
Let's go through his list of awesomeness!



Steve has a double jump, (I think all Captain Americas have it, but I don't have the original Captain America hero yet so I don't know), which makes it incredibly fun to explore the zones.
His first power emote, where he slams into the ground and hammers an Avengers sign into it, takes a bit long for my taste, but at least it's not TOO long, unlike a certain FANTASTIC hero I know!

I give his EXPLORATION 4.2/5!


While I'm not much of a fan when it comes to hand to hand heroes, I did enjoy Steve's attack combo, which is quick and merciless. In fact, in one animation he even kicks the enemy in the face! Ouch.
His first power attack, the shield throw, gets you around 30 dmg, and because you can do it from a distance it's not half bad. His Hero Up is just like his first emote, (like Hulk, Sentry and others), but it deals 56 dmg, making up for the copied animation.

I give his FIGHTING 3.9/5!


Avenger Captain America's got it all: cool armor, cool pouches on his belt, cool boots, cool gloves... and the fact that he's a new hero makes it all the sweeter to show off in the Daily Bugle zone.
If you like Captain America, this is probably my favorite version of him, aside from the WWII Captain America they released last month.

I give his COOL FACTOR 4.9/5!


Well, that's that. One last thing, though! I was greeted with THIS lovely sight as I came out of a mission:

Stay tuned for my next lousy review of an Avenger, coming Wednesday!

-- SHSOFan.