Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Mission Review - Green Goblin

It's time for a new Sunday Mission Review!

Today I'll be reviewing... Bombs Away!

Things to Watch Out For: Green Goblin's pumpkin bombs cause 40 dmg, so don't get too close. I usually try to use them strategically, running away from Goblin's goons and watching them fly out of the frame when the bomb goes off.

Boss Tips:

Green Goblin is the easiest boss in the game so far. Ignore his 16 dmg "Pumpkin Bomb!" attack and go right into your combo, launching your Hero Up when you have enough stars. His charging attack is easy to dodge, so while he's flying around, grab the crates that fell in the meantime. Then rush back and start your combo again. Doing this means that his "Bombs bombs bombs!" attack is virtually harmless, so the charge attack and the exhaust attack are the only ones that can hurt you, (30 dmg, avoidable, around 76 dmg, unavoidable). The boss fight usually takes me around a minute and a half.

Difficulty Rating: 2.6/10


One of the easiest missions in the game, Bombs Away's gets a 2.6 due to two of Green Gobby's attacks and the annoying teleporting henchmen.

Next Week: All For Jugger-naught!