Friday, April 13, 2012

Johnny Blaze Rides At Last!

I saw two other Ghost riders riding their motorcycles and I had no idea what was going on. So I traced them to their starting point and found a green icon on the ground.

I didn't notice this feature in the game before when I first bought Ghostie, so I can only assume that it was added either in this update or a previous one. In any case it's awesome.

When Ghost Rider was first announced, I heard a lot of talk about whether he would be on his motorcycle, and ride it up buildings like he did in the first movie, (I wanted to know if he was going to turn a digging device into a gigantic flaming weapon like he did in the second movie myself). When Ghost Rider came out, it seemed like he was only going to use his motorcycle in his first power move!

So you can imagine how awesome it is knowing that you can show off and make everybody else in the zone who doesn't have Ghost Rider yet jealous! :D

Here are some other places where you can find green hotspots for Mr. Blaze.

Yet another Baxter hotspot? Does this mean there are more hotspots in the other Zones as well?

Time to hit the road.
90ยบ peel!
Time for Dark Asgard to feel the burn! Oh wait, it already has. Well, then it's time for Dark Asgard to feel even more burn!
Que "What the heck is that sound?!" from Daredevil.
Bumpity bump bump! "I knew I should have installed a more comfy seat!" says Ghost Rider.
Boing! "Ouch! See above comment!" says Ghost Rider.
Now for Villainville!

"Oh man not again!" says Ghost Rider.
"This sure beats a Stairlift!" says Ghost Rider.
Alright. So you may have noticed I left the Daily Bugle zone out of this showcase. That was on purpose. I don't want to spoil all the fun of finding it!

Good luck!
-- SHSOFan.