Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Submit a Ticket... About Tickets!

I submitted this ticket today about how SHSO limited the number of tickets you receive if you get adamantium:
"Your decision to limit the number of tickets is, unfortunately, a bad decision. I have played Doc Ock's Claw and Disorder mission 50+ times. Do you think that I should have to play the same missions over and over, except 2x the amount I used to have to play them just to get a decent amount of tickets?! Look, it's hard to get basically everything in-game. You receive a fixed amount of gold each day, there is no other way to receive it. Why would you think limiting the number of tickets you receive would make the game more fun? Don't you think that, Adamantium being a hard medal to get, the players should be properly rewarded? Because of your decision, I am increasingly getting fed up with this game, because there is no good way to earn enough tickets for the day afterwords. If you aren't going to change it back to 18, at least make it 10. Players who are forced to spend more time playing missions over and over to get the same amount of tickets they got for playing two missions will get fed up and move on to a more rewarding game. Just my two cents."
Now it's just a matter of time before somebody bans my account and throws a boot in my face through the screen of my computer for daring to question their genius in limiting tickets.

-- SHSOFan.