Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Avengers Review

First, the question you've probably been asking: is it awesome?
Actually, you can't have been asking that question. Because the answer is obvious. 


Alright then. I'm breaking up my review into two parts, Characters and Action. And, just in case you're anxious, this review is 100% spoiler free.

Let's begin, shall we?



Ironman continues his genius billionaire playboy philanthropist ways from where he left off in Ironman 2. There's a lot of back and forth between him and several members of the team and some of the funniest lines come from him. Although I'm not a huge Ironman fan, (yes, I DID geek out and go crazy when I first played as MK1 Ironman, but that's different), he started growing on me about halfway through the film. 


Thor seems rather neglected in the film, (aww, poor Thor!), even though others have said it is Hawkeye who gets the least screen time. Thor and Loki's conflict is explored in this film, but it's only briefly touched on because of all the other stuff that's going on.


Steve has many cool character moments during this film, but I felt like there wasn't enough of him getting used to the future. That's probably because that's the issue that will mainly be explored in Cap 2, but I still think it could have been implemented more in this movie. Steve also seems like a real leader here, giving the team orders and jumping into action with his shield.


Black Widow comes off as more of a Russian in this film than she did in Ironman 2. She is actually one of the characters with the most screen time, and that's probably for the best. Scarlett Johansson does the character justice, and all of her lines are well delivered.


While people say that Hawkeye is the most neglected characters in the movie, I disagree. Hakeye has many special moments, and I loved all of them because Hawkeye is actually my favorite Avenger in the film. Despite lacking depth and motivation, (the script's fault, NOT actor Jeremy Renner's, who gave a great performance), Hawkeye has some of the best action shots in the film. Like the one where he— oops! Sorry! Spoilers!


Does Hulk say "Hulk Smash"? Can't tell you, 'cause it's a spoiler.
What I CAN tell you is that Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner is great! And in the scenes where he's Your Friendly Neighborhood Giant Green Rage Monster, there's plenty of Hulk smash to go around.


Tom Hiddleston does a great job portraying one of the greatest villains I've ever seen on-screen. Loki's goals have shifted from ruining Thor's life to ruining everybody's life. I can't give away much, but as you can gather from the trailer, he has an army. But the Avengers have a Hulk.


Samuel L. Jackson says every line just the way Nick Fury would say it. And why shouldn't he? In the recent movie adaptations of the comics, Samuel has become Nick Fury. In my opinion, he turned a good character into a great one. 


I've seen a few reviews that say "Don't worry, even in this conversation-filled comic book based movie, there is some action!"

This is, fundamentally, an action movie. Every other scene is an action scene! The action scenes in this movie made me so excited I was shaking, (or I just had too much sugar before seeing the movie...)!

And now, for the age old question:

2D or 3D?

Well, I watched it in 3D, (I arrived at the theater too late to watch it in 2D), and it's one of the best 3D movies I've seen! I almost can't believe it was converted later! The later fight scenes look especially good in 3D. If you cant stand 3D, feel free to watch it in 2D, but when I watched it in 3D I really felt like it enhanced the experience in this case.

Well, that's it for my movie review of the Avengers!
Keep checking this blog for updates as more Avengers are released into the game!

-- SHSOFan.