Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Mission Review - Juggernaut

It's time for... my Sunday Mission Review!

Today I'll be reviewing... All for Jugger-naught!

Things to Watch Out For: The spot I usually have trouble around is right about here:

Because of the way you get trapped, it's easy to fall and get stunned over and over. My advice: have a Hero Up available before you tackle this obstacle. Also, there are the Sentinels.

Like I said in my Home Invaders review, just get behind them and keep them from hitting you with their attacks, then Hero Up as soon as you can. Oh, and did I mention the Stompers?
Try to maneuver the enemies underneath them for some pretty sweet results!

Boss Tips:

Most of the boss gameplay involves getting Juggernaut into a greenish circle, and then jumping on a button to make him vulnerable. Fortunately, that's all you need to know to beat him, and, surprisingly, the one thing most people I play with on this mission don't know! So choose your allies carefully.

Difficulty Rating: 4/10


You'd think this mission would be harder, but it seems like it's all how you look at it, since this mission rates a 4 on my scale of difficulty! Some things like super crush-bots, sentinels, several frustrating Juggernaut attacks, among other things make this mission easy, but with enough risk to make it fun.

Next Week: Ock it to Me!