Monday, May 21, 2012

Mission Review - Doc Ock

It's time for... my new Mission Review!

Today I'll be reviewing... Ock It to Me!

Things to Watch Out For:

There's not much, except the usual blue and grey ockbot at the end of stage two. As mentioned before, just pick up an object and throw it at them, or try to stun it, to defeat that annoying ockbot!

Boss Tips:

This battle with the doc is MUCH easier then the other one. Just wait until he's in the yellow circles, then walk onto the switch in the center to weaken him! Watch out for Otto's Instant KO, though!

Difficulty Rating: 3.5/10

This mission is easier then the doc's other mission, but it is made harder by the instant KO and the blue and grey ockbot. Because of those threats, this mission is a 3.5!

Next Week: Modok, Mo Problems!